PRs already reviewed

I think this PR is in good shape, maybe worth a ping to see if it’s good to merge now?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Already has a approval.can someone please merge

Reviewed, ready to merge.


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I’ve been fixing merge conflicts for months to keep this up to date… can anyone please help testing?

I reviewed and tested this package, looks to be in good shape for a merge.

Not my PR but approved from my end and I would like to see it merged (also there is some interest by other people)

beside packaging vdhcoapp it also ships Manifests for Firefox installation, so that it nicely integrates with the existing native host messaging options that are provided

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I’ve already been using this PR for months to Nixily use Caddy plugins, and it works well. Would love to see this finally merged.

2 approvals, ready to merge. Pretty simple PR:

(Note: this is my PR)

Simple PR already reviewed. Would like to get this update in for 24.05