PRs in distress

So here is a new experiment.

Sometimes a PR lingers on too long because the author or maintainer just hasn’t received the help they need. Sometimes it is because a topic expert doesn’t know they are needed, sometimes it is because a PR has slipped through the cracks, sometimes it is hardware, etc… Maybe we can try another thread to connect the right people to the right problem.

I don’t see this as a permanent or even a long term solution (there is quite a bit of discussion going on about getting our tooling connecting the right people to the right problems, that is exciting!), but in the short term maybe this thread can get some PRs merged and encourage people who have had open PRs sitting too long.

So if you have a PR which is stuck, or have seen a PR which is stuck, why not try and post it here. And if you think you can help with a PR that has been posted then you’re awesome!

I’ll start things off with what was originally intended to be a simple update but has been sitting for 4 months because the updated package doesn’t work. The maintainer of the package has been called in but is stumped.

@vaibhavsagar doesn’t have access to a mac so hasn’t been able to resolve some build issues.

@jarjee has been working on some mongodb updates for a while. I think it is pretty important to get these into 19.09 and we’re edging closer to a freeze date. If anyone could help out to ensure newer mongodb versions make it into 19.09 I think that would be great.

Let’s see where this goes I guess.


We could use someone with knowledge about all or any of

  • linux memory overcommit rules
  • cgroups (and how they’re used with the nix daemon)
  • how the java VM claims its memory

here: sage: add patch to debug transient issue by timokau · Pull Request #65802 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

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i2p: 0.9.41 -> 0.9.42 by suhr · Pull Request #67641 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub is stuck because java-service-wrapper: init at 3.5.41 by suhr · Pull Request #67824 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub is also stuck.

LTO is broken on darwin, which can lead to problems for packages that enable it by default. There’s a PR that aims to fix it, but it’s almost 3 years old. It would be really great if someone who’s familiar with clang in Nix could shepherd this to completion.

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So if you have a PR which is stuck, or have seen a PR which is stuck,
why not try and post it here. And if you think you can help with a PR
that has been posted then you’re awesome!

First, thanks to everybody posting in this thread, and especially to
Aaron for raising the issue.

I’d like to make a suggestion, though:

When you post a PR in this thread, please include a summary of what
sort of help is needed. Without this, it’s very difficult to look
through the list and see things I could help with – I’d need to open
every PR individually.


Also please put the PR links on their own lines so Discord will expand them into summaries, which will help when skimming the thread to find PRs that I have some experience with.


Hi all! I have been working[1] on deprecating the type loaOf for quite some time and at this point the PR only needs reviewing. Any help would be appreciated, in particular testing the software not covered by nixos tests.


The bot reports build errors on the darwin platform. I have no access to darwin or time/ability to figure this out even if I did. If someone was motivated to take a look at this it would be much appreciated as there are 2 CVEs listed against mariadb which are fixed by this release.

Would appreciate input on two things.

(1) The pull request adds “MPRIS” functionality which seems to require X11, which makes spotifyd fail when X11 is not available. Unsure how to handle this but I would like to see spotifyd working by default without X11.

(2) The version bump broke the spotifyd service module for me and I had to manually clear out its cache. I do not know if we should handle this and if so, how.

This PR went unnoticed but it’s a relatively important fix: it should also be backported. I have been running it on my server so I think it’s already good to be merged.


Would be thankful for a quick function test on Darwin/MacOSX so I can tick the last box in my first PR.
If anyone has a Darwin/MacOSX machine and 5 minutes for this, please do as follows:

  1. Checkout the PR
  2. Run at the top of the worktree nix-shell -E 'with import ./default.nix {}; mkShell { buildInputs = [ ammonite fish ]; }'
  3. If there’s no error, run fish in the resulting shell
  4. Run amm in the resulting fish shell
  5. Check that the Ammonite REPL pops up
  6. Type exit or hit control-D, whichever you prefer
  7. Report what happened in the PR thread
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Unfortunately, this package is unmaintained, so I don’t know whom to ping to look at this PR.

I have one question there because of the impact on package closure size of +78.35 MB (46.52%): Should gstreamerSupport be false by default (thus the effect of this PR be a non-default option)?

This is relatively simple PR but it touches the core of the python build system and is therefore a mass rebuild. I need some assistance in testing and reviewing.

I have a new PR in distress:

The issue is I don’t have a darwin machine so I can’t fix the darwin build without putting in unreasonable amounts of effort. Maybe some darwin wizard will help me out. :heart:

Is stuck, waiting for final review with two other reviewers already resigned.

It’s approved, just no one has merged it yet…

Here are two similar patches waiting for boost17x that improve the closure size usage of packages which depend on boost17x (such as nheko). If either one will be merged it’d be great: