PRs ready for review _

@ktor I do too, now we just need to get this into master :slight_smile:

I have a positive review from a keybase package maintainer:

I spent some effort testing this simplification of the bootable ISO generation process, which also makes it more deterministic:

It works on all machines/media I found and people seem generally in favor of the change, but it is a bit scary so some more eyes on it would be helpful.

I’d appreciate it if someone would review these.

This needs a re-review:

This depends on the above PR:

Both have been working on my machine for over a year without issues.

New and simple package. Just installs some HTML and text files:

I would like to get more feedback on this attempt to package testing:

I plan to document it afterwards, so more people can write simple tests for packages.

A PR I’d like to get merged before the 20.03 code freeze:

I would be very thankful if someone could have a look at

I have got some PRs from November that seem to have been forgotten about. Backports a fix to release-19.09. My changes have already been reviewed, but it has not been merged. I fixed a nondeterministic build. I am looking for it to be reviewed specifically on how this problem should be handled. Should there be some way to specify that you a version that uses the AES-NI instructions. Another backport to release-19.09 that fixes a broken build. This one has not been reviewed yet.

last version if over 2 years old.

This PR adds a trivial builder that is similar to linkFarm (and symlinkJoin):

It also adds some much-needed documentation on the linkFarm and symlinkJoin functions, so it is easy for a new user to figure out when each should be used.

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Hello, I would be glad if anyone could review a simple package that serves as a blazing fast async DNS server.
It supports DNS over UDP, TCP, TLS and HTTPS with speed-check, domain pre-fetch and black/white lists.

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This PR adds loolwsd which is a backend service for collaborative document editing in NextCloud.

This Pull Request related to gnupg needs attention because it adds needed functionality to make gnupg work with

connman the network manager has had a new release:

A simple pkg update, the checkPhase tests all succeed.

These SQLite tools have been tested under both NixOS and macOS. They’re distributed along with SQLite itself so they are presumably high-quality and up-to-date.