PRs ready for review _

Time for another round of “hey why hasn’t my PR been reviewed or merged yet?”
If your PR has been sitting for a while and you’d like to see some action on it please post it here!

I’ll kick it off with a PR which requires some thorough review before it would be ready to merge. If you are able to review 1 or more commits from this PR please feel free to leave a comment or github review mentioning the specific commit (or commits) you reviewed. Bonus points if you have tested the commit.

Thanks in advance.


Here is another one:

I’m seeking opinion, feedback, and review on these 2 with the ultimate goal of deprecating services.httpd.extraSubservices and explicit usage of mod_php within existing modules:

I’m seeking testing from any gitea users, especially those who use the postgresql database backend:

I’m seeking review and testing from any hydron users:

My PR is not that old, but i would appreciate some review and testing from users that uses Nix without NixOS, and arm64 users to see if i by any chance broke qtcreator compilation.
Note that there is llvm dependancy now so compilation may take some extra time.

That one fixes an annoying printing bug by actually just moving a line in cups config files. I could possibly benefit from a review by someone with a bit of cups configuration knowledge, but hasn’t received one yet.

This one has been siting there for 2 months, it’s a minor fix to Conan expression:

This one’s only been sitting there for 9 days but it’s truly trivial, just some gemset updates for cocoapods.

Edit: Merged. Thanks!

There are two pending reviews for nixpkgs from my side:

And an older one from NixOS/nix:

Not mine, but one I’m looking forward to, should bring a lot of azure support to NixOS.

This is a (simple) backport of memtest86-efi to 19.03:

Something I’ve been waiting a long time for:

Has already been reviewed by two people, needs someone able to review for merging. :slight_smile:

Merged! Thanks!

Looking for other opinions on whether these added options are valuable. I believe they are:

Another httpd subservice converted into a module:

It would be great to get these two commits merged if possible, neither are really old but both have approving reviews and I believe are ready to merge.

This one fixes a bug hasn’t seen any response in a few months:

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Here’s a security fix for znc that’s waiting since yesterday:
It’s just a cherry-pick from master into release-19.03.

I’ve got 2 PRs that haven’t gotten any response yet.

This one fixes bundlerApp to actually do what the documentation says and provide the env and wrappedRuby attributes in passthru:

This one updates the broken macvim package to work again. It’s not pure (it relies on a few system-provided tools, including Xcode, and MacVim’s build process picks up the current OS as the deployment target) but the old package wasn’t pure either.

Edit: Merged, thanks!

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I’d like some feedback as to whether my current approach is fine or whether there’s something better.
I.e. something that doesn’t duplicate the nix code from the original package but doesn’t have to build wine just for the fonts.

Thanks :slight_smile: