PRs ready for review _

Utilities to control AMD Wraith Prism RGB LEDs:

cde-gtk-theme: small adjustments

lazpaint: init at 7.1.3

openxray: 558 -> 730

Support for OpenCL on modern AMD GPUs based on the ROCm stack:

Would even be nicer if someone has an AMD GPU and could test this as well ;). Works fine on my RX580 though.

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new softwares:

new libraries:


migration from python2 to python3

Posted before, but still stuck:

Dart package builder:

Simple unlocker for self-encrypting drives:

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A Wayland native snapshot editing tool, inspired by Snappy on macOS

A PR that adds 3 Chinese fonts from the Ministry of Education in Taiwan, including a clerical (隸書) font.
The three commits are joined in a single PR to avoid conflicts, since they have similar names, and is placed next to each other in all-packages.nix.

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With support for cfssl serve statically server linking assets.

Another review would be welcome :slight_smile:

Update liblinear and improve the derivation:

Update Resilio Sync:

Thanks for the quick reviews!

Bumping versions of libsidplayfp & sidplayfp tool (yes they’re supposed to be slightly mismatched), fixing audio API usage on sidplayfp: