PRs ready for review _

These two are ready for review:

I would appreciate further review on this PR so we can get it merged:

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6 version bumps so far, it’d be nice to get this merged before the 7th :sweat_smile:

And a documentation & nixpkgs-fmt update:

A single version bump:

Added a long description and fixed the buildFlagsArray to pass in the version correctly:

This wonderful work by @numinit needs some love.

Update of the transformers library:

Update of the sentencepiece library:

Update Chrony (a ntp server/client). Now with “Network Time Security (NTS) authentication” support!

chrony: 3.5.1 -> 4.0 by bbigras · Pull Request #102185 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

Only a update:

A vim pluign:

A sddm theme:

Not mine, though:

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