PRs ready for review _

I have already reviewed this one but It could use more opinions:

This is mainly a bug fix. Also has to be backported to 20.09 once merged into master.

Hey all,

I would appreciate some help on getting vega and vega-lite into nixpkgs: . Anyone here who has already done updates to nodePackages?

A small bug fix in the module for dovecot:

Just another pkg init, for a package I’m draging in my fork for a while.

Took my lessons regarding strictDeps and gobject-introspection from .

simple version bump, all-green checks

corresponding backport:

I would like some opinions on this PR - I’ve been using this code on my machine for some time now and It Works For Me ™, but I’m not sure who/what else might be impacted:

Added a missing dependency for a package that was previously failing on Darwin: wordnet: Fix darwin build by anka-213 · Pull Request #98415 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

edit: reviewed and merged now

Just one pending comment (asking feedback from inactive maintainer), open for some weeks now:


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