PRs ready for review _

This didn’t go anywhere for me. I’d be more encouraged if it could be merged

Hi everyone! This PR has been open for a bit over 2 months now and it looks like the current maintainer hasn’t had time for the supercollider package in a while. This could use a review, especially over the changes to add support for and a package set for supercollider plugins. Thank you!

Simple fix for the nixos installer tests. Thanks!

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Thanks for posting this. And thanks for testing it out!

I do need to rebase it though and fix conflicts, I’ve just been busy updating some of my other packages after christmas break

Some additional python packages that would be great to have that have been in review for 2 months with 1 reviewer missing.

Would be great to have. Thanks!

I would need to clean up the PR.

Was hoping Able to set version using environment variable · Issue #62 · mtkennerly/poetry-dynamic-versioning · GitHub would be resolved so that package managers would be able to have non-hacky ways to pass along version information.

I would appreciate a review of this PR adding Xyce, an analog circuit simulator with harmonic balance simulation capabilities.

Review requested for two new packages, please and thank you

glooctl a tool to manage Gloo’s kubernetes API Gateway

kitty themes add the official themes for the kitty terminal emulator

Hi, I have two tiny PRs, I’d be very thankful for feedback and having them merged :slight_smile:

I opened a PR to add MoltenVK to Darwin.

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