PSA: poetry2nix is currently broken with nixpkgs-unstable

If like me you’re experiencing OOMs or infinite recursion type issues when updating your config’s inputs, you’re probably hitting this problem.

Bisected to PR #248866 which got merged into master via f900e733c1602b4c46064a9ef0514bb2345a8949. K900 has a draft/WIP fix in

inputs.poetry2nix.url = "github:K900/poetry2nix/new-bootstrap-fixes"; has made things work for me until the proper fix gets implemented and merged!


Note that the draft fix still breaks a whole bunch of packages and I won’t have the time or the spoons to investigate it more in the next few days probably, so if anyone wants to take over/keep building on that, feel free.


I just spent 5 hours debugging this before stumbling across K900’s branch. Can we get some sort of note on the Poetry2Nix readme?

Nevermind, it almost gets me back up and running, but if I actually resolve an environment that contains the modules in question using mkPoetryEnv, it still hits a stack overflow. Guess I’m moving to the “experimental” flakes to have a working dev environment again.