Pulseaudio doesn't autostart

I have these lines in configuration:

sound.enable = true;
hardware.pulseaudio.enable = true;

Recently I performed a hard shutdown (pressing and holding the power button) and I think that might have caused this issue. Pulseaudio doesn’t start at boot and audio starts working if I start the server manually. No package management operations were active when I did the hard shutdown. I’m using samsung 970 evo.

How do I diagnose nixos generated audio configuration? How do I discard the cache and completely rebuild the system configuration?

This is the content of /etc/pulse/client.conf:


Nixos version:

20.09.2016.19db3e5ea27 (Nightingale)

Full configuration:


The issue is that systemd user process isn’t running:

$ systemctl --user
Failed to list units: Process org.freedesktop.systemd1 exited with status 1

Why is this happening?

a dump of your logs, and output of your systemd status might be handy +


might also be handy.

The problem went away after rebooting a couple of times, so dmesg output is probably useless. I’m curious what could’ve caused this issue. These are the journal logs.


There is a message saying ‘Failed to create listening socket: permission denied’