Purs-nix: manage PureScript projects with only Nix

I’ve posted about this on the PureSrcript discourse, but it occurred to me that there may be some people over here that would be interested in giving it a try.

For those who don’t know, PureScript is a Haskell-like language that is designed to be used in the browser and compiles to JavaScript.

I’ve written a tool, in Nix, that allows you to manage your PureScript projects using only Nix. It’s still being developed but I’m having a great time using it so far.

link: purs-nix


I just might use this in Emanote to provide a development environment for the upcoming graph visualization feature without requiring nodeJS and friends.

@ursi How does purs-nix relate to spago?

It is meant to be a full-on replacement for spago, along with the ability to easily integrate your project into a nix build.