Python packaging - executing buildSphinxPhase - docs/source/ no such file

I’m trying to add asv-runner package to nixpkgs. While building the package with nix build .#python3Packages.asv-runner I’m getting the following error →

rin@amadeus:asv-runner (asv)$ nix build .#python3Packages.asv-runner
path '/home/rin/personal/nixpkgs/pkgs/development/python-modules/asv-runner' does not contain a 'flake.nix', searching up
warning: Git tree '/home/rin/personal/nixpkgs' is dirty
error: builder for '/nix/store/6mw2mp9wpirl3f8cn0lqlhbylzg2c7bw-python3.11-asv_runner-0.1.0.drv' failed with exit code 1;
       last 10 log lines:
       > Running phase: installCheckPhase
       > no Makefile or custom installCheckPhase, doing nothing
       > Running phase: pythonCatchConflictsPhase
       > Running phase: pythonRemoveBinBytecodePhase
       > Running phase: pythonImportsCheckPhase
       > Executing pythonImportsCheckPhase
       > Check whether the following modules can be imported: asv_runner
       > Running phase: buildSphinxPhase
       > Executing buildSphinxPhase
       > docs/source/ no such file

source location -

From the nix-manual, I found out that out and sphinxRoot are sometimes essential to point out the correct path for I have tried the recommended fix, yet the error is same. This is the default.nix I’ve written so far. Please tell me what am I doing wrong.

Also, what tools are out there to debug such situations more effectively? (I’m fairly new to nix, and I don’t have nixos installed either, I use nix package manager)

A general question - I’ve seen a few python packages in nixpkgs/pkgs/dev…/python-modules/… skip sphinx documentation while packaging, so is it mandatory or optional to add sphinx documentation (if it exists on source). Reason for asking this is, the package functionality for asv_runner is fine so far apart from docs.