Qemu vm with more tty rows and cols?

Hi, I was wondering how I can tell the lightweight qmeu VM, I get from nixos-rebuild build-vm to have more terminal columns and rows. Can’t really seem to find the appropriate option, and adding something to the kernel command line, doesn’t seem to do much.

Here’s a screenshot of the problem:

I can do it after the fact with stty cols <num> or stty rows <num> but that is manual.

I assume this is a “serial” terminal from the vm, so it has no automatic knowledge of the window dimensions. You can run

eval `resize`

resize is a little utility that detects and then emits these values for your shell, like so:

❯ resize

Somewhat annoyingly for small serial-only devices, it comes with the xterm package; there may be a standalone version or something similar, but I haven’t looked.