QtCreator cannot find QML modules for QtQuick

Hello o/

I reciently picked up some interest in learning QtQuick. I’ve started a little playground project to build a QtQuick application using Nix: https://gitlab.com/roosemberth/playground-qtquick-test-ha. The project uses a nixpkgs/release-20.03 flake.

I’ve added qtcreator to the shell derivation, however, when I open the main view of the project in the editor I get the error QML module not found (QtQuick.Window) (see https://gitlab.com/roosemberth/playground-qtquick-test-ha/-/issues/1). I have this error in both 20.03 and 20.09.

I was suggested adding qt5Full to the shell inputs (20.03 only, 20.09 is broken). But this doesn’t help.

Moreover, trying to build the project on 20.03 yields a QtGui/qtguiglobal.h: file not found error.

The project build successfully using nix-build, and I’m able to open the aformentioned view using qmlscene main.qml without any problems either. Hence I think this problem is related to my qtcreator configuration.

  • Do you have any ideas on what could be misconfigured or missing?
  • Is anyone able to reproduce? (for convinience, you may run nix develop -c qtcreator . (or nix-shell --run 'qtcreator .') from the top of the repo).