Questions about doCheck and checkInputs

In the documentation, I understand doCheck default value is false.

However, by looking at doCheck in nixpkgs, it seems it’s defined to true by default and it’s often used to turn it off :thinking:

I’m currently looking at this because fish plugin fzf-fish nixpkgs/fzf-fish.nix at 6a9da90be349a18e6cd3a121bd0d8aa03965e036 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub has fd in checkInputs, but when I use this plugin the shell is complaining about fd missing.

The documentation says checkInputs is included in nativeBuildInputs when doCheck is set., which is not explicitly enabled in the package definition.

Some language specific derivations (e.g. Python) set doCheck to true by default. I suspect that’s why you’re seeing some derivations set it to false even though it’s the “global” default, they’re overriding the what was set by e.g. buildPythonPackage.

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