Questions regarding `passthru.updateScript`

So there’s zoom-us which is a proprietary software I have to use. It updates frequently lately and it seems that if you use an outdated version it may segfault unexpectedly. It has a passthru.updateScript. Unfortunately, although individuals update it via normal PRs, these PRs can take a long time to be merge while the program becomes almost nonfunctional on that period.

I’ve always hoped, that the fact there’s a good updateScript to this package, it will speed up the delivery of updates, but I’m not sure because I don’t know for example: Who runs nix-shell maintainers/scripts/update.nix? Is there a cronjob for that? Do unfree programs are updated like that as well?


I believe the updates are all run manually except for the ones that @ryantm’s bot handles but no matter, it is going to take time before changes make their way into a channel.

If I were you, I would use a local checkout and then run the update scripts against that when needed and then build against that checkout.

Or of course, in the case of zoom, just use your browser.

Yeah, the update scripts are there primarily for maintainers’ convenience, each maintainer is responsible for updating their own packages – though, nixpkgs-update will be eventually able to run them as well: Make rewriter for passthru.updateScript · Issue #182 · ryantm/nixpkgs-update · GitHub