Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ compatibility?

I have a Turing Pi 1 ( https://turingpi.com ) with Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ ( https://www.raspberrypi.com/products/compute-module-3-plus/ ) installed.

I’m having trouble booting these with a nixos image. I’ve flashed the AArch64 image referenced from NixOS on ARM - NixOS Wiki to the internal storage of the compute module. When booting I see nothing. No output on HDMI or activity LED.

I, unfortunately, have not had luck hooking up a serial console to debug. Fairly clueless on that, so I figure that is likely a setup issue on my end as I can’t get that to work even with a standard raspberry pi OS.

Has anyone succeeded in running AArch64 on a Raspberry PI CM 3+?

I understand that Raspberry Pi 3+ works, but the compute module 3+ afaik is different.

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This is going to be tricky to troubleshoot without UART. I’ve been meaning to switch the installer boot to use firmware device trees, which will fix Pi Zero 2 W compatibility and should hopefully fix issues with other non-3B/3B+/4B hardware.

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