Raspberry Pi Installer Builder

I was reading the documents on getting raspberry pi working with nixos. Is there any reason why hydra (or something equivalent), doesn’t build the various arm install formats and instead depzeg builds them?


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For armv6 and armv7, there is no build infrastructure setup by NixOS, and they are not supported platforms. AFAIUI, there would be a need for both support and build infrastructure. For the time being, it is assumed armv6 and armv7 will be community-supported.

As for AArch64 (64 bits ARM), the binaries are (now) built by hydra, and is an in-progress supported platform. Issue #33745 tracks the AArch64 support progress.

It looks like Hydra is now building the SD image for AArch64.

Though, looks like “ZHF” (zero-hydra-failures) is a big part of why it’s not out yet.

I’ll be asking around for details and/or updates to the tracking issue, mainly to see what’s missing.

I don’t think ZHF is the main part, but rather making some basic tests work, adapting release scripts to add the SD image into channel, etc.

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Is there a tracking issue for those things to do? I was going from the list on Issue #33745.

I think dezgeg has a good idea about that, so ping him e.g. on that issue, if you’re interested in helping.