Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W and NixOS Unstable - broken wifi

Hi. I upgraded my rpi zero 2w running NixOS unstable, and it seems that

'github:nixos/nixpkgs/9b19f5e77dd906cb52dade0b7bd280339d2a1f3d' (2024-01-13)

is last “working” commit for me.

After this commit, my Raspberry Pi’s wireless connection is broken, so I have stopped upgrades for now.

Do anyone have a similar issue?

Possibly https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/283717, should be fixed now.


Thank you very much.

My network setup is very simple:

 networking = {
    hostName = "blabla";

    interfaces."wlan0".useDHCP = true;
    wireless = {
      enable = true;
      interfaces = [ "wlan0" ];
      extraConfig = "country=CZ";
      networks = {
        "${wifi-ssid}" = {
          psk = "${wifi-psk}";
          hidden = true;

So I don’t have NetworkManager on my system.

Only network related services are:

network-interfaces.target (seems deprecated, but worked)

"rev": "e92b6015881907e698782c77641aa49298330223"
Seems to be still broken. Aka: no wifi started after nixos-rebuild boot and reboot.

I’m using:

  hardware = {
    deviceTree = {
      enable = true;

    enableRedistributableFirmware = mkForce false;
    firmware = [ pkgs.raspberrypiWirelessFirmware ];

rev: 5863c27340ba4de8f83e7e3c023b9599c3cb3c80

still broken. Seems like I should fill a bug because I changed nothing, just upgrade unstale to unstable.