Recommendations for htop replacement to show tmpfs memory use

I was looking at htop and Task Manager (xfce4) and was surprised to see a huge difference. Task Manager seems to show the memory used by tmpfs where as htop doesn’t.


Is there a NixOS community recommended replacement for htop that does show the total memory being used? (Looking at df -h, NixOS seems to use tmpfs a lot and as such htop seems to the wrong tool to look at.)

Looks like btop does a good job?


I’ll second btop it’s been nice.

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That looks pretty swish! :smiley: Will have a play, thanks

Weird, I mounted another tmpfs folder and dumped data in it, htop was showing it OK. I wonder if xfce app is also showing reclaimable buffers/caches too.

It is confusing as the multi-coloured graph extends the width of the page (green | purple | orange) as best I can tell, but the number is an order of magnitude lower than I expect if I am considering how much free memory I have. If it is confusing at first sight, I think I’d prefer to swap to a different tool. :man_shrugging: