Recommendations for multitouch gestures in Hyprland on NixOS?

Hyprland has really limited gestures by default, as outlined in the Hyprland Wiki. So I tried using libinput-gestures, which I had some good experience with recently. I used libinput-gestures on Arcolinux running Hyprland and didn’t have any issues.

For libinput-gestures, it doesn’t seem to work on NixOS and there aren’t any additional configuration options on MyNixOS or beyond the package install. So I don’t think I’ve configured it incorrectly or anything. On NixOS, when I run libinput-gestures-setup autostart start I get libinput-gestures-setup: command not found.

There looks like there are several options for gestures on linux, in general, such as:

Here are some of the gestures that I had in my libinput-gestures config that I’d like to either reproduce or continue using in NixOS:

gesture swipe up 3 hyprctl dispatch fullscreen 1
gesture swipe down 3 hyprctl dispatch fullscreen 1
gesture swipe up 4 hyprctl dispatch fullscreen 0
gesture swipe down 4 hyprctl dispatch fullscreen 0
gesture pinch clockwise hyprctl dispatch splitratio 0.1
gesture pinch anticlockwise hyprctl dispatch splitratio -0.1
gesture pinch in 4 hyprctl dispatch killactive
gesture pinch out 4 hyprctl dispatch exec kitty
gesture swipe left_up 2 hyprctl dispatch workspace 1
gesture swipe left_down 2 hyprctl dispatch workspace 2
gesture swipe right_up 2 hyprctl dispatch workspace 3
gesture swipe right_down 2 hyprctl dispatch workspace 4

The clockwise and anticlockwise gestures were particularly cool. Does anyone have any experience with gestures in Hyprland on NixOS that they would recommend?


Yeah, since I wanted to go back to using Hyprland on my laptop this topic is kinda interesting. Hopefully we shall find something out here soon.

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But I was thinking: is the problem that you can’t run libinput-gestures-setup? Or does libinput-gestures not work at all?