Recommended way to add Gnome extensions

What’s the recommended way? In particular I’d like Desktop Icons.

I installed gnome3.gnome-tweaks and I see that already installs gnome3.gnome-shell-extensions, but there’s desktop-icons there.

Is there something like node2nix but for gnome extensions on, or from git repos?


Installing the Chrome Gnome Shell Integration extension from Chrome webstore and then installing Desktop Icons from was too easy.

It’d be neat to manage all extensions in my configuration.nix though.

You can install extensions with environment.systemPackages = with pkgs; [ gnomeExtensions.FOO ], but they won’t be enabled. You’d either have to enable them in GNOME Tweaks, or play with dconf. (I think home-manager has a dconf module that can make the setup declarative, but I haven’t tested it.)

Also, relevant (stale) nixpkgs PR: [WIP] nixos: add environment.gnome3.enableExtensions by bjornfor · Pull Request #46433 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub.