Recording/conferencecall audio w/ pulseaudio

I’m using PulseAudio because it seems the sanest way to enable using my Bluetooth headphones.

This works great with Zoom. Indeed when enabling recording I see an entry appear in the ‘Recording’ tab of pavucontrol, and I see levels that correspond to my audio input.

However, I’m having no luck using jitsi meet in firefox: a record does appear in the ‘Recording’ tab of pavucontrol, but the level remains at ‘0’ (and jitsi helpfully notices ‘your microphone appears to be muted in the system settings’ or so).

With audacity, I have exactly the same behaviour: whether I choose ‘Headphone mic’, ‘Headset mic’ or ‘Internal mic’ in the audacity UI, an entry in the ‘Recording’ tab of pavucontrol appears the remains at 0 volume.

The entry in the ‘Recording’ tab is not muted and has ‘Built-in Audio Analog Stereo’ selected for all cases.

When I insert a USB microphone and select that in pavucontrol, that does appear to work - but I’d like this to work with my internal card. It appears to be a ‘Intel Corporation Cannon Lake PCH cAVS (rev 10)’ according to lspci.

Any ideas what to try next?

Aargh, nevermind: it was muted in the ‘Input Devices’ Tab. Sorry for the noise.