Recreate systemd-boot generation menu option [SOLVED]

Evening all! I have a challenge which I hope someone can help me resolve.
I have stumbled across a problem with the 6.7.2 kernel and the amdgpu driver. The configuration was working with the 6.6.10 kernel , but after an update the amdgpu driver is segfaulting at startup (even before decrypting the drive) with the error “[drm:amdgpu_device_init [amdgpu]] ERROR early_init of IP block failed -19”. Eventually I get the prompt for the disk password, and it boots up but greetd reports “no gpu found”, and fails to start successfully. It tries again every 5 seconds or so. If I time it correctly, I can log into an alternative terminal and stop the greetd service.
The problem I want to resolve: while trying to resolve the problem, my working generation has dropped off the list of generations available in the boot menu. It is still on the system - I haven’t gc’d it, but I need to regenerate the systemd-boot menu item. I did change the number of generations items available, and try to rebuild the system. It should have worked, but I have a second challenge. I am on wifi in a hotel in Spain, and while I am getting an IP address on the wifi device, I am not getting dns. Therefore it stopped saying it can’t resolve an internet address (I can’t remember the exact error message). Is there a way to regenerate the boot menu option without a full rebuild? I do know the generation number, if that helps.
Failing this, I will have to wait until I get home in a couple of weeks and can use an ethernet connection. The hotel wifi is fully open, and doesn’t expect any login to connect. I expect the original problem with the kernel and driver will be resolved by updates going forward - I don’t think it is nix related. I just want to get my working generation back so I can use the laptop while in Spain!

Thanks for sticking all the way through the message!

Ok, so I managed to sort out this problem. I successfully connected to the internet by tethering my phone, and then was able to rebuild and make more generations available to boot. Of course, each time I create a new generation to try and resolve the original issue with the amdgpu crashing at startup, my “good” generation is slipping down the list. It would be nice to be able to pin a known good generation as a recovery option. In the mean time, I will now delete the NG generations to keep my good generation in the list.