[Recruiting] Nix SRE position in Helsinki, Finland


This would be nice to have in the newsletter /cc @domenkozar

Added, thank you!

I’d appreciate a link in Call for Content: 2019/03 by domenkozar · Pull Request #76 · NixOS/nixos-weekly · GitHub in the future, but a mention is also fine :slight_smile:

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is this job still available? :wink:


Unfortunately no. :frowning: But I’m the team lead for that team these days, so PM me if you want to stay in touch. :slight_smile:

We’ll also just announce any Nix jobs on this forum again as well, of course.

P.S. RELEX has other SRE teams that don’t use Nix yet, by the way, but that could change if a Nix user was hired on to those teams. Some of those teams are hiring. It doesn’t feel right to advertise those kinds of jobs here, but again, PM me if you’re interested.)

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