Recurring funding for making macOS first-class citizen in Nix ecosystem

I’d like to invite teams which consist of macOS users to contribute and pledge towards development of streamlining experience using Nix.

We have the fundamentals there, but there’s quite some work
(see the campaign for the list) to ensure that macOS users get similar experience as on Linux.

You might ask, why would I care if I’m a Linux user?

That’s a good question, good support for macOS is crucial for any non-trivial size of a developer team.


Is it possible to contribute less than $50 per month? I’d love to contribute, but that is above my budget.


I’ve picked $50 as the minimal donation as I’d like to encourage everyone to contribute a meaningful amount towards paying someone fairly for their work.

I understand if that’s out of your budget. I’d like to invite you to contribute to NixOS Foundation at


How does one raise this to people/organizations without coming across too direct?

I’m aware Mitchell Hashimoto has been using Nix on Mac for a while and HashiCorp uses nix for their dev environment for Waypoint

(Although there has been some movement to a NixOS VM)

I guess one way to make it more visible to Mac + Nix users is if the open collective link was included GitHub - LnL7/nix-darwin: nix modules for darwin and then naturally @LnL7 should be able to expense things for work on that project too

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I’ve emailed him and he’s planning to chip in!


Toonn is starting the work on macOS issues:


Mitchell has contributed, thanks @j-k for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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