Reference user home in home-manager

I am user home-manager and would like to start tint2 as a service. The following works:

      Service = {
        Type = "forking";
        ExecStart = "${pkgs.tint2}/bin/tint2 -c /home/zeec/.config/tint2/neon/neon.tint2rc";
        Restart = "on-failure";

however, I would like to replace “/home/zeec/.config” with $XDG_CONFIG_HOME. But this does not seem to work. How can I achieve this?

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ExecStart = "${pkgs.tint2}/bin/tint2 -c ${config.xdg.configHome}/tint2/neon/neon.tint2rc";

a try.


That works. - And thank you very much for this amazing tool!

Great, glad you enjoy it!

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