Release schedule for NixOS?

Twice a year we release NixOS. During every cycle a lot of changes are delivered, and especially before branch off we try to get the things in we really want to get in, typically overloading Hydra in the process resulting in delays.

I propose we have a schedule so that everyone can see what changes we expect and when. Some things to include:

  1. branch off date
  2. release date
  3. when we intend to upgrade the various sub package sets
  4. when we accept the latest feature changes in core parts such as stdenv

We do have some docs on this for a couple years already: – all times there are relative… but at least release notes do hint that the next one should come as expected

End of support is planned for end of October 2019, handing over to 19.09.

Feel free to suggest improvements.

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Right, forgot about that one. I would like to have a schedule with actual dates. Not sure where to put it though. Maybe just a pinned issue here on Discourse?

We could keep updating that example schedule in-place.