Replace Fedora to NixOs in dual boot system

Hello, I have a dual boot system with Windows 11 and Fedora. I wish to completely and safely change my Fedora distro partition to NixOs. I am reading the installation docs and I read “Install NixOS on the same partition (in place!), from your existing non-NixOS Linux distribution using NIXOS_LUSTRATE.” Is this possible to do on a dual boot system? Or do I have to install it as indicated by the docs, from an USB? Both Windows 11 and Fedora are partitioned on the same drive.

I can only comment on the installation using the USB installer.
I decided to replace Kubuntu with NixOS. Kubuntu was installed on one disk and Windows 11 on the other. The EFI boot partition is on the same disk as Linux.
When partitioning the disk, I chose the option to overwrite the Kubuntu partition in place. I left the EFI boot partition unchanged.
The installer installed NixOS in place of Kubuntu, leaving access to Windows 11.
Grub has been replaced by systemd bootloader.
Of course, I had previously backed up the Kubuntu disk using Clonezilla. :slight_smile:

Why not just use the graphical installer iso?

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