Replit Software Engineer, Java/Kotlin or Generalist Developer Experience

Hi, all.

I’m the Ryan who brought you the r-ryantm nixpkgs update bot, agenix, and the paginated nixpkgs manual.

My team at Replit (the Developer Experience team) has multiple Software Engineer positions open. We’re looking for people with experience in the Java/Kotlin specifically or Generalists. Our team is remote. Junior candidates will be considered for the SF Bay Area; Senior candidates can be Remote based in the United States.

What does Replit do?

Replit is an online development environment and deployment platform. Our goal is to empower the next billion software developers. We do this by tightly controlling the development experience, deeply integrating AI, and making it easy to replicate developer environments (Nix and copy-on-write filesystems).

What does the Developer Experience team do?

We are responsible for the configuration of the developer environment container used by everyone on Replit. Our team has the latitude to work at any point in the stack to improve the core developer experience, so we end up doing a mix of web and infrastructure work.

Some things we work on:

Here’s some more public resources where you can learn more about how Replit uses Nix:

Like what you see? Please DM me on Discourse and apply.

- Ryan