Reproducible Windows Python Environment in Wine on Linux


I need to create some models using the scikit-learn package in python39 which can be used on windows machines. The only way I can do that on linux is by using wine. I would like to use nix to create a reproducible wine environment with python39 and all necessary packages installed in it. It also would be great if I could just run it (like using nix run) and get it to create the model for me using my python script.

Has anyone done something similar before, or has any ideas on how to achieve this?


Wine and reproducibility go together about as well as oil and water, but some attempts have been made to get a reasonable model, such as nixcfg/wrapWine.nix at cb5a0d69e80d499df5a21166fb2d3f058b451125 · lucasew/nixcfg · GitHub and erosanix/pkgs/mkwindowsapp at master · emmanuelrosa/erosanix · GitHub. I don’t know how much the python aspect factors into this, though.

Thanks for the quick reply! That does not sound like a simple problem, but I’ll check those links out when I have some time and see what I can do with them. If I get anything useful out of it, I’ll report back.