Resident SRE @ IO Global

Maybe you didn’t know, but IOHK / IO Global is a long time corporate driver within the entire Nix ecosystem.

Important functions of our company like DevOps & SRE being born out of the Nix ecosystem spirit, we open source (almost) everything we do based on our open-source-by-default policy.

At the heart of Nix@IOG, we are looking for a couple of folks to complete our exquisite Resident SRE team, of which I attached the role description below.

If you’ve got the skills and/or are hungry and thirsty to learn a ton, please join our team partly constituted of ex-release managers for Nixpkgs, like @nrdxp, @jonringer or @disassembler , whom you can ping for technical questions about the job at any time.

Once you want to get more serious about your application or for any HR-related questions, please contact @Posh or @IOHKDaveR in a DM.

Welcome to our Team!
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IOHK | Role Definitions|


Department: Job Function: Motto:
Operations Resident Service Reliability Engineer Keep things ticking like a clock


Do you also get allergic reactions from inefficiencies? Let’s fix ‘em!

As a Resident Service Reliability Engineer at IOHK you will work chiefly with one of our diverse projects to plan, teach and implement fully reproducible GitOps-based operations across various pre-production and production environments on the blockchain.

As part of our well-structured SRE team, you will work closely with internal domain experts to ensure high-quality, stable environments for our internal and external customers.


  • Working on ‘build and deployment cycles’ across all development environments
  • Supporting the build, deployment, and configuration management for multi-tier applications
  • Participating in the building of tools and processes to support the infrastructure.
  • Improving and maintaining tooling and scripts for automation purposes
  • Supporting our teams to write software that is simple and flexible to configure and deploy
  • Collaborating with agile teams to establish and maintain automated regression suite infrastructure and performance testing infrastructure
  • Building capabilities to allow development teams to be self-sufficient
  • Explore and implement latest best practices ranging from open telemetry to zero trust architectures, from 12-factor design to hybrid remote-local development environments

Key Competencies

Minimum requirement: 2 out of 3 or very strong Nix experience.

  • Nix experience using the tools within the nix ecosystem and specifically using nix as a configuration language
  • SysAdmin experience administering application servers, containers, and web servers
  • Datacenter Scheduler experience with schedulers like kubernetes, mesos, nomad or – although not a dc scheduler – very extensive systemd experience

Secondary Competencies

  • Command line fluency
  • Code discovery fluency with tools like grep or ripgrep
  • Fluency in git based workflows, commit discipline
  • Scripting and programming skills
  • Experience with continuous integration tools
  • Experience with AWS, Google Compute, or other cloud providers
  • Proficient English language and communication skills
  • A spleen for statically-typed or functional programming languages
  • An even bigger spleen for GitOps

Education / Experience

  • Proven years of experience in Build and Release engineering, Linux operational excellence and automation
  • We are particularly interested in people with experience of Nix, Open source work and Functional and/or Statically Typed Languages
  • You will be someone who works well on your own and with a team
  • You value cooperation and collaboration above all, and are not afraid to ask for clarification or help when needed
  • You are kind and respectful of others’ opinions and you are open and act with integrity when engaging in academic or technical discussions

Great work Blagg! Keep it up!

Our flagship project, Cardano, is currently looking for a new Resident SRE, here’s how its new office space looks like:

It’s all there, in the open. :slight_smile:
We’re also still looking for Resident SREs for a
cuple of non-open projects. But their office spaces look indeed quite comparable.

You understand the benefits of monorepos?

Please DM @Posh!


Hi! :wave:

So much Nix Buzz around #events:nixcon these days.

If you happen to have become motivated to fetch a (new &) exciting Nix Job and can connect with the fundamentals and perspectives of (an open-source DevOps framework heavily inspired by our in-house experiences), then please drop me a DM.

See also: Hello `std` - The Nix Flake framework for perfectionists with deadlines!

I thought, let’s try something new:

Informal “pre-application” via PR to either GitHub - divnix/std: The Nix Flakes framework for perfectionists with deadlines [maintainer=@blaggacao] or GitHub - divnix/hive: The Hive is possible.

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