Restic Backups on B2 with NixOS+agenix

Hi everyone,

I recently automated my restic backups in NixOS and wrote a blog post about it. It also includes a short section about agenix and desktop notifications with libnotify (in case a backup fails). I’ve been using NixOS as my main OS on my desktop pc for a year now. This post is aimed at beginners like me who want to have something to get started with.

I’d appreciate any feedback! For example if the code can be improved, or there are better solutions for this, or maybe the writing is not clear enough.



Welcome to NixOS discourse! And thanks for the blog post. First feedback I will give is that this appears to be an interesting topic and I will surely read it. :smiley:


During the “Testing Backup Restore” Part, you can skip needing to set the Environment Variables if you are using unstable/23.11.
nixos/restic: add wrapper scripts that set parameters for backup by ajs124 · Pull Request #251062 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub introduced a Wrapper that automatically sets everything up.

The new commands would then just be:

$ restic-daily snapshots


$ restic-daily restore --target restore-backup latest

This was a great addition! The only thing that doesn’t work yet is doing restic mount because fusermount isn’t in the $PATH for the wrapper.

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I’ve updated to 23.11 today and tried the wrapper. It works great, very useful addition. I’ve updated the blog post to restore backups using the wrapper.