RFC 171: Default name of fetchFromX to include version information

Would like to move some of the discussion from the RFC to here for awareness.

Updating the hash on Fixed-Output Derivations (FODs) is a very error prone process. It’s not intuitive to invalidate the existing hash, attempt to realize the FOD, then replace the hash value with the value that Nix just calculated. This RFC advocates for influencing the default derivation name of the fetchFromGithub helper with the “repo” and “rev” values to ensure that changed URLs force the FOD to be re-built.

We already had @shamrocklee step up as a shepard, two more and we can start moving forward with refining the RFC into something that is merge-able.


@PhilipTaron stepped up as another shepherd, one more and we can get on track to refining the RFC into something actionable :slight_smile:

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