RFC: Review workflow

I recently opened RFC 30 proposing a change to the current review workflow. That is intended to solve various problems, like

  • non-committer reviews
  • PRs getting lost
  • finding PRs to review

Feedback welcome! (in the RFC discussion please)

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I think it’s a good idea! Improving speed and review consistency would be great.

Have you thought of creating a new frontend for it? It could even be gamified a bit with a score of reviewers. A lot of that information could be inferred by the state available on GitHub:

  • needs:review: a PR whose last commit doens’t have an approved review
  • needs:work: a PR whose last review requested changes
  • needs:merge: a PR whose last commit has an approved review

Maybe it’s even possible to do that using the github issues filter.

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Thanks for the feedback, I answered in the RFC discussion.