RFC Status Summaries?

The RFC steering committee is considering options for bringing more visibility and encouraging participation in ongoing RFCs.

Right now we primarily post comments directly in the relevant RFCs and post bi-weekly meeting notes as issues in our GitHub repository.

We’re thinking of posting meeting notes to Discourse instead.

How do you prefer to have status updates?
  • Discourse
  • GitHub Issues
  • Other (please comment)

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If you have other ideas, let us know!


I would also like to point out that a asking on discourse may be self selecting for the response :). That being said, I think discourse is much more discoverable for those who are “not yet aware”.


Is it possible to allow voting for more than one option? Perhaps having both would be the ideal option, at least for meeting notes (if it’s not to big of a hassle for the ones having to post them!)

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I’ve chosen “other” to cast my vote for “both places please”.

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Thanks for the feedback. We will switch to Discourse for now. We are trying to avoid “both” as that is extra work and confusion and there doesn’t seem like a high demand. If there is more feedback about posting to both that is of course something that we can consider.

So this week we will post the first Discourse post about RFCSC meetings as well as post a notice to the GitHub issues to redirect people who were previously subscribed there to the new location.

Feel free to continue discussion here on future improvements that can be made, nothing is set in stone.

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