RFC140: what about package with multiple names?


I’m trying to package a cursor theme, which is available in 2 projects (standard and lite versions), where in each project there are 2 flavors (black and white). Currently, on gruppled-cursors, gruppled-lite-cursors: init at 1.0.0 by nim65s · Pull Request #242667 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub, I have:

  gruppled-black-cursors = callPackage ../data/icons/gruppled-cursors { theme = "gruppled_black"; };

  gruppled-black-lite-cursors = callPackage ../data/icons/gruppled-lite-cursors { theme = "gruppled_black_lite"; };

  gruppled-white-cursors = callPackage ../data/icons/gruppled-cursors { theme = "gruppled_white"; };

  gruppled-white-lite-cursors = callPackage ../data/icons/gruppled-lite-cursors { theme = "gruppled_white_lite"; };

But since the CI checks RFC140, it is not happy anymore, and ask for pkgs/by-name/gr/gruppled-{black,white}-{lite-,}cursors/package.nix, but I’d rather avoid duplicating declarations for black/white flavors. I could decide that one is the “default”, and the second could import the first, only setting the theme.

What are the guidelines in such case ?

NB: On this particular case, if that’s better, I guess I can also create a single github repo for the 4 versions.

You can use the recommendation here. It’s not perfect, but it works :slight_smile:

Perfect, thanks !

I have no idea how could I miss this paragraph :confused: