rPackages and Roblox

I would like to installed Roblox for my son (7 years), also running NixOS, but I need some help with the rPackages.

I would like to install at system level, so in configuration.nix:

Name: r-RobLox
Version: 1.2.0

Name: r-RobLoxBioC
Version: 1.2.0

Name: grapejuice
Version: 4.10.2
A wine+Roblox management application

Roblox is a video game, the two R packages are packages for the R programming language, which is generally used in scientific computation.

If you search for them (NixOS Search - Loading...), and click through to their websites, they are described as:

  • r-RobLox
    • Functions for the determination of optimally robust influence curves and estimators in case of normal location and/or scale.
  • r-RobLoxBioC
    • Functions for the determination of optimally robust influence curves and estimators for preprocessing omics data, in particular gene expression data.

Probably not what you’re looking for :smiley:

grapejuice looks like what you want, you should be able to just add it to environment.systemPackages. It will turn up as a normal desktop application.

Ignore their gitlab documentation for now, it will just cause you a headache; if you think you need to patch wine feel free to come back and ask about it, we can figure it out and update their docs.

Even if you don’t, just confirm it’s working, then we can send them a PR with good nixos-specific docs.

It works! Thanks !!!

So you install grapejuice and you get roblox?! That doesn’t make sense to me?

Anyway, the process was so easy. I think everyone should know. Roblox is very popular to play.
My son will be so thankfull, I will tell him that Mr. Tlater told daddy the secret, and now it works.
Any information you need from my side for the documentation let me know.

Kinda, roblox doesn’t support running on Linux, but you can get it to work with wine. Wine is hard to configure, so people write wrapping tools for it so it’s easier. For some reason the wrapper for roblox is called grapejuice.