RTCwake won't wake computer


Unfortunately due to having an nvidia gpu installed in my system, I can’t use the suspend-then-hibernate feature of systemd as it doesn’t call the nvidia-hibernate service properly and the computer refuses to enter this state. Normal hibernation or suspend works just fine.

I found this script, which should overcome this annoyance, but unfortunately, my computer doesn’t wake when using the rtcwake command.

When I use rtcwake -m on -s 5 it correctly sets the alarm as illustrated here:

rtcwake -m on -s 5
rtcwake: wakeup using /dev/rtc0 at Sat Jan  6 10:56:34 2024

It is also listed in /sys/class/wakeups/.

Could this be due to the powermanagement of Nix?

My configuration.nix