Ruby standard lib documentation missing

Hello, I’m trying to get a Ruby REPL setup and I want to have the documentation available in it. I’m new to NixOS and Ruby, the closest issue I have found is with homebrew.

So if I try creating a nix shell with nix-shell -E "(import <nixpkgs> {}).ruby.withPackages (pkgs: with pkgs; [ pry nokogiri ])"

Or using the following shell.nix I created:

with (import (fetchTarball {});
  myruby = ruby_3_2.override {
    docSupport = true;
    useBaseRuby = false;
  mkShell {
    buildInputs = [

Then do ri Array, I get Nothing known about Array.

If I do ri --list-doc-dirs, then I get


The only contents of share are:


I see comments about removing the docs from the main derivations closure in Ruby’s default.nix and rbconfig.rb. So I guess I am just missing a package or an option of some sort?