Rules around adding to someone's PR

I couldn’t find a good description around rules for adding to someone’s PR in the nixpkgs repo. I was wondering if there’s an existing policy I missed?

For example there’s a PR which is in limbo for a while mc: help with discoverability by 06kellyjac · Pull Request #189474 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub with just a trivial change needed. I’m sometimes tempted to add the fix myself since the author did allow maintainers to modify the PR, but I know this would really annoy some people.

Is there any policy for this? I’m happy to merge that and do the remaining fixes in a separate PR if not.


I’ve been doing that for a while for situations like these, but I haven’t encountered anybody being annoyed over it, so don’t worry about it and just go for it. If people don’t want that they can disallow it explicitly by unchecking the button when creating the PR.


Would be great if we documented that in the contributor guide. It’s good to set expectations, even if there is no firm rule. @viraptor would you mind opening a pull request to the manual?

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Done at doc/contributing: Explicitly allow trivial changes by non-authors by viraptor · Pull Request #197319 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

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