Running nixos-rebuild does not add new files (have I misunderstood its purpose?)

New to Nix and NixOS and I’ve run into a rather basic issue which I’m hoping someone here could explain to me.

I have a working NixOS flake setup with AwesomeWM. If I edit a file under /etc/nixos and run sudo nixos-rebuild switch --flake .# the file updates as expected. However if I were to create a new file or folder within the nixos dir, these are not created or linked when running sudo nixos-rebuild switch --flake .#. If it is not a nix file, e.g. an awesomewm file residing in the nixos dir which nix links to ~, then the rebuild still completes. If the file is nix-related then the rebuild fails, because the file does not exist in /etc/nix/store/*…

Have I misunderstood the nixos-rebuild command? What command/flag is appropriate in this case?


You need to include it from the main file. Depending on what you are doing imports is what you are searching for.

In this case the default.nix includes home.file.".config/awesome".source = ./config; and it is/was creating this dir in ~/.config. The awesome files are there, presumably from the initial installation, but new ones are not created/linked.

Git repo with the file structure.

When you make a new file in a git repo, it isn’t “tracked” by git until you git add the file. Nix flakes deliberately ignores files in your repo that are not tracked.


I did not know Nix cared about the git status. A lot of the problems I’ve been having now make sense. Thanks!

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Yea it’s a tad inconvenient but I’ve found it more useful than harmful. I can have tons of crappy scratch files like disk images in my worktree and it won’t result in nix copying all of those into the store every time I do an eval.

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I wish the nix flake tooling would warn you if you have un-tracked files within your flake repo.

it will warn if your flake repo is dirty with uncommitted files , but it should really warn users about un-tracked files too!


That’s a good idea, and probably not that hard to make a PR for! :slight_smile:


or just use my patch to always include all files that re not in gitignore listed

That behavior is really unintuitive and annoying and most people I know hate it.


I’ve been told that this PR
might actually be the answer to my dreams… and solve a lot of issues too!

Thanks for the patch!

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