Running the Pinephone on UEFI + LUKS

Hey guys I am trying to run UEFI + LUKS on the pinephone. It sort of “works” but not really.

For one I can’t have a virtual console (idk systemd complains about it) and I don’t have video output after the LEDs shut down.

It only shows video after the bootloader decides to load the OS, which I can’t get anyway with the LUKS setup (but i can with plain old ext4). Before you ask, the configuration is correct. Reason being that it works on a VM through a virtual serial port (the VM runs directly on the pinephone in mass storage mode). There doesn´t seem to be an indication that it fails to boot, it just fails to show an image.

I would also like to see the damned bootloader when the phone boots, but I can’t. What can I do to get a video output?

And before you ask, I don’t like the mobile nixos installer. I prefer to use btrfs and you are literally stuck with the UUID’s and disks you started with.

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I have also imported the nixos mobile hardware configuration if you’re interested. No change whatsoever.

Oh and it’s running Tow-Boot if you ask