Rust, libxlswriter, stdint.h not found

I’m using the oxalica overlay in a flake to provide a Rust environment in which I’m trying to generate some Excel sheets. There are a couple of crates

  • xlsxwriter = “0.5.0”
  • libxlsxwriter-sys = “1.1.4”

which appear to point to the same source repository. I’ve tried using both of these, with the same result.
After having overcome problems with finding libclang by setting

LIBCLANG_PATH = "${pkgs.llvmPackages_14.libclang.lib}/lib";

it eventually falls over when failing to find stint.h:

./third_party/libxlsxwriter/include/xlsxwriter/workbook.h:44:10: fatal error: 'stdint.h' file not found

Any ideas how to proceed?


I’ve stumbled upon this myself and solved it by adding llvmPackages.clang to my buildInputs