RyanTM starts work at Replit

Replit has been using Nix to support every language for almost 2 years. You can even run graphical programs provided by Nixpkgs (like Firefox) inside your browser-based programming environment.

@cbrewster, an engineer at Replit, gave a Summer of Nix Lecture on The Road to Nix at Replit, which got me excited about all the Nix problems that Replit is facing at scale. Enough to apply to work there, and as of this week, I’m working at Replit with a focus on Nix and developer experience. I’m excited to see where this leads both Replit and the greater Nix community.

Replit wants to contribute back to open source in general and the Nix community specifically. In this new role, I’ll be able to spend more time focusing on Nixpkgs and NixOS and contributing back to the greater Nix community. Please let me know if you have feedback or suggestions for Replit, and anything you think we can do to help the community.


This is great, best of luck Ryan :slight_smile: