Sddm theme location in nixpkgs


I made a derivation for the sddm chili theme: GitHub - MarianArlt/sddm-chili: The hottest theme around for SDDM, the Simple Desktop Display Manager.
Where in nixpkgs should this go and what would be the naming convention for sddm themes?

There don’t seem to be any packaged so far. I’d probably go for pkgs/misc/themes/sddm/chili. It’s a shame that the other themes in that directory don’t seem to be organized by what they’re themes for (e.g. some of them are icon themes, some are other things).

The theme itself seems to be called “chili”, but I’d probably call the package “chili-sddm-theme”.

The theme looks very nice, I might try it!


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Thanks. If you want to test and review the PR: