SDRplay API driver V2.13 install on Nixos

Hi Everyone

I hope this is the good category to ask this, about the installation of a Linux driver of a Software Defined Radio receiver connected via USB

On the website of SDRplay, downloads section,

There is a linux tab, and then you see: API/HW Driver – v2.13 (20th Jun 2018)


When you download you get a file:

It is a kind of self extracting shell script, with an option --keep you can see what is inside, because it then does not erase temporary files, in a folder “package”

There is a chip driver library ( and an udev (66-mirics.rules) file, that seem the most important files, of course this install script expects FHS

Then for example I would like to run the ads-b dump program: ADS-B (dump1090) v1.3.1 (11th Jul 2018), found on the same linux tab

Is there someone that can help me with getting this to work on Nixos?

Thank you very much!

Edit: after a while I found how to add an udev rule to configuration.nix:

services.udev = {
      path = [ pkgs.coreutils ];
      extraRules = ''

So that leaves running the provided ads-b dump program, with the library, I guess…

Seems like the “quick-and-dirty” way to get this running is to simply patchelf the provided binary and library by doing something like the steps described in

This will probably break if the libraries in NixOS are ever updated and you perform a GC run, so the proper approach would be to write a derivation (nixpkgs has plenty of examples on how to deal with proprietary software packaging, it’s also documented on the same wiki page).

Thank you @casept

Tried a few things, but they did not work

I am studying on it :wink:

Still trying getting the big picture, how all the tools are related…