Seahorse: Unable to use with SSH-Key's


I’m unable to import SSH-Key’s into Seahorse - even generated, exported and deleted from Seahorse itself. I’m getting an error (“Unrecognized or unsupported data.” - in the UI but not a real error in the logs ( running it from terminal.

So I wanted to ask If someone has it running and can share the working config with me or sees something in the logs?

I’ve enabled gnome-keyring (services), seahorse, ssh-agent (programs) in configuration.nix, I also use home-manager but only programs.ssh as possible related is configured here.

Best Regards

lol! Hours of research and not having the public-key beside was the issue: ssh agent - How to save an SSH key passphrase in gnome-keyring? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

I didn’t import the keys just placing it and corresponding .pub file in “~.ssh/” got them show up!