Searching for package submitting guidelines

I’ve ported the System76 Pop GTK Theme for my own use and I was thinking about upstreaming it (since there is other popular GTK themes in nixpkgs).

I was trying to search guidelines for determining if the package should be upstreamed, and what would be the best practices (is there a maintainor for themes, should I be the maintainer of it etc…) and I cannot find any information about those kind of guidelines in the manual nor on the Wiki.

Did I missed them ? If not, what should I be aware of before proposing a new package ?

1 Like and NixOS - Nixpkgs 21.05 manual might be a good start

By ported you mean created a nix expression correct?

Unfortunately, we don’t have guidelines on submitting packages yet. This is one of my goals for the future. Currently you’d figure this out via word of mouth contributing.

To answer your questions, there are certain people with the proper knowledge about themes and as such they’re an authority. I’d recommend requesting my review and @jtojnar @romildo @c0bw3b.
It’s also correct, you should add yourself as a maintainer of this package. I can say verifiable certainty, every committer in nixpkgs wouldn’t be interested in merging a package that’s abandoned on commit.

Correct, sorry for the bad phrasing.

Noted, I will submit the PR and see :slight_smile:

Thank you !