Seeking panelists for a Reproducibility panel for UC Open Source Sympoisum

My university is hosting a symposium and there is a reproducibility panel I may host.
Date: Sep 27, 2023 — Sep 29, 2023

A core member from Spack ( agreed to join and I’d like to get 1-2 from Nix/NixOS and ideally one from Guix.

Even if you have recommendations on whom to reach out to or questions you want ask feel free to comment or reach out to me.

Anyone interested, please reach out to me.
More information: 2023 UC Open Source Symposium | UCSC OSPO


Turns out as this is a University event there isn’t a grand budget for travel – so an ideal candidate would be able to travel to Santa Cruz themselves for the panel (probably lives in SF Bay Area?).

There is also the option to be on the panel in a remote capacity. (EDIT)
The setup in the room is quite nice to support this.

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